Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Simple ideas are the best!

Thanks to a friend of mine in Turkey who recently shared this with me.

This little story from South Korea really proves the point that even the simplest of ideas can have an impact.
When we think about Innovation the usual suspects spring to mind, Google, Apple  and the like. However not all innovation has to be BIG and disruptive.

This clip tells the story and is well worth a watch.

The Problem?
South Korea a country devoid of oil with one of the worlds highest gasoline consumptions. Car use is increasing, fuel costs are rising, parking spaces are scarce and people are getting frustrated. Its estimated that an average car driver living in Seoul will drive on average 15KM per month to find a parking space!

The solution & Impact?
S-Oil one of four oil companies in South Korea came up with the 'Here Campaign' to save oil. Yes, I know what you are thinking - is it all a PR stunt?

However the facts (whatever the motivation) speak for themselves. In one day trialling this simple idea (its all about signalling free parking spaces with a balloon) saved 23 litres of fuel. Just imagine what this idea, implemented on a large scale could achieve across Europe.

The company gave a its customers the impression that they are actually saving them oil, time & money.  Nice simple solution, nice little marketing spin too!