Tuesday, 10 September 2013

TV adverts - The hidden insight

Don’t get me wrong. I’m NOT one of those people who only watch TV for the adverts but I do count some of them among my friends. You know who you are….

Having said that I’ve started to watch the ad breaks with more interest and play a game I call ‘spot the insight’. It’s a game I’ve kept to myself for fear that the family will likely think I’ve finally and completely lost the plot!

I’m sure the occasional breakthrough squeal of delight when I’ve spotted a new only serves to alert them that Mum is well on her way there anyway.

However I digress….

I’m struck by the way many TV adverts today convey the deep insight they have about consumer behaviour.

It’s something every industry can learn from and is based on a simple principle and that is

‘Get to know your consumer better than they know themselves’.

How many times do you watch an advert and think ‘I do that’ or ‘That’s so true’.

 It’s a bit like watching a stand-up comedian. You know the ones who specialise in observational humour (finding the humour in aspects of our everyday life). We sit there and can relate it to our Mum’s, Kids, Husband’s even ourselves as we cringe with the hidden truth!

 Herein lies the essence of a great insight. Its usually based on a collection of connected observations which help to reveal a behaviour that once addressed by a brand can change the consumer behaviour.

So here are the fruits of my spot the Insight game to share and enjoy:

My Top 5

 1.    Andrex

Their Master Stroke has been to give a title to their consumer Insight. They all it ‘Rollerphobia’. You can even take the test on their website to see if your household is suffering from it.

Here's a link to their TV ad.


2.     Boots – Christmas brought to you by the girls. 2011

An old advert but still a favourite. How true is this ad? Women want every Christmas to be better than the last, The pressure is on to make every detail the best it can be. While, sorry guys’, you hardly notice it even Christmas.

 3.    Thompson Holiday

Reminding us all to take time, for a holiday, for family. Even more moving as its spoken by a child. It could be our children speaking to each one of us.

4.    Carex

Because we’ve all done this at some point in a public loo.

5.    MacDonalds

Dave TV ad

The insight started with how many separated Dads end up taking their kids to MacDonald's on a Sunday and ended up with this happy story. Touching but not sure how many more burgers they sold off the back of this.


Whats an Insight?

A great insight reveals a deep understanding of attitudes, beliefs or behaviours that connect at an emotional level. It provokes a clear response with a consumer and when leveraged by a brand can provoke a change in said consumer behaviour.