Wednesday, 8 January 2014

New Year - Same old me.

The New Year has begun and I’m feeling in a reflective mood.

It seems that everyone around me is talking about a ‘New year, New Me’! Be it detox or alcohol free January, promises to exercise more, eat less crap or setting goals to loose 20lbs. At this time of year we all focus on what we should do to improve our lives, health and wellbeing. Its ironic really that it all comes so soon after the period of gluttony and excess we call Christmas.

It’s as though we needed this over indulgent, indigestion fuelled break to give ourselves a good boot up the bottom!

I gave up making New Year resolutions a long time ago. Finally admitting that my ‘good intentions’ didn’t match the lack of strength in my willpower. I actually hate New Year with a passion and would much rather hibernate between Christmas and my birthday on Jan. 6th (epiphany*).

I was born in 1964 – This year marked the end of the so called ‘Baby boomer’ years so Im celebrating my 50th along with 1.014 Mil other Brits. On average 84,000 each month or 2780 per day!!

Far from feeling depressed at reaching this remarkable milestone of a half century I find myself actually wanting to jump with joy. Something remarkable has happened and I’ve had my very own little epiphany. Wait for it……

‘It’s OK to be me’.

Sorry Its not that earth shatteringly stunningly, amazing!

Its true I could do with losing a few pounds, should be eating less Jaffa Cakes & white wine and could be more tolerant of people who irritate me. However on the whole I think it’s actually OK to be me, wrinkles and all.

As Alexander Pope said; ‘To err is Human to forgive is divine’

So my new focus for 2014 is to go easy on myself, try to be a better person but forgive myself if I don’t always get it right, which I undoubtedly wont much of the time. This of course works two ways and I’m really trying to be a little more forgiving of others too. This is proving more difficult J

Whatever New Year resolutions you’ve made – go easy on yourself we are after all only human.

*Epiphany -  enlightening realization allows a problem or situation to be understood from a new and deeper perspective. 

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