Thursday, 22 January 2015

Passing on your story.

As a born and bred 'South Londoner' I'm proud and loud about my love of all things London. Although I moved away 30 years ago (really was it that long) I still think of it as 'home' and get a sense of real excitement every-time I return.

So when the family surprised me with a weekend 'back home' I couldn't wait to visit some of my favorite places and take the kids on a tour of my old haunts.

The weekend was packed with trips down memory lane! From visiting Museums I remembered my Mum and Dad taking me to as a kid, showing my kids houses I'd lived in, schools I'd been to, the church where we married, places I'd worked and even the Clubs Id danced the night away in!

It struck me that I had a story to share about everywhere and everything. Just as my Mum and Dad had done with me as a kid; usually telling me stories of war time London, anecdotes of family life where continuing to be shared and passed on.
At one point while on the Tube I found myself telling them to close their eyes, breathe deeply and smell London. It was at that point I realized they did not and probably never would really appreciate London as I do. The look on their faces was a cross between 'Mums really has lost it now' and 'Beam me up scotty'.

"Look interested, Mums taking a picture"

Back home in Dublin I'm reflecting on the stories my kids will share and pass on. Hopefully some of these will include  stories of their crazy Mum who loved the smell of the London Tube trains and never shut up talking.
As a kid I too listened with one ear to the stories I was told by my parents and it isn't until now that I really wish Id taken more notice. I know my kids wont remember half the stories I tell them but that not whats important. What they will remember, just as I do, is that making new memories with your family and passing on a sense of your history are just a couple of the ties that holds a family close.

I'm now off to phone my 89 year old Mum, pen and paper in hand to make sure I don't loose another story!