Wednesday, 5 June 2013

New beginnings - Pondering life after big Corporate

So here I am in my last few days working in big Corporate. I’m about to embark on an exciting new adventure and have taken the BIG leap to quit my job and follow my dream. 

For anyone else thinking of doing the same I will urge extreme caution. Its definitely not something that you would want to do on a whim, in the heat of the moment or in response to a ‘difficult situation’. My own journey began many years ago and Ive been on a slow burn towards this for longer than I probably should have. It’s scary, exciting, liberating and difficult but you know what, I feel suddenly alive. Im taking time this week to reflect on my past 25 years (is it really that long) in big organisations and know that if I dont do this now, I may one day regret not giving it a go.

So, what exactly is my dream and why am I blogging about it?
I wish I could say Im following some worthy moral cause, taking a year out to travel or simply chucking it all in to be the Mum that my kids deserve but no, Im simply setting up a consultancy business to focus on what has become a passion – Innovation.

This blog will not only chart my personal journey through, what I know will be some of the up’s and downs but aims to share stimulus and inspiration that I uncover along the way.

They say that innovation is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration but rest assured that this blog will focus more on the inspiration and not my sweat!

3 days and counting to a new begining.